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5 Tips to taking
a sexy selfie

Learn how to take the best angle and the smartest way to share intimate photos.

Sexy selfies are a way to express yourself and share a titillating moment with a potential partner or someone new and exciting. Whatever your reasons for wanting to share pictures of yourself, you no doubt want to get the best possible photo. Here are some tips to get the sexiest selfie.

First, don’t hold your phone directly in front of you. To get the best angle, hold your phone to the side. Looking directly into the camera can distort your face and make for an odd presentation. Instead, you want to look slightly upward as opposed to straight-on into the camera. Position yourself so your eyes are looking toward the camera at a bit of an angle. Ideally, you should look just past your phone instead of directly into it. Looking off into the distance will really help bring your eyes out even more.

Second, raise your eyebrows. This can help emphasize your eyes and make them look bigger. By extending your neck, you will avoid having an unflattering double-chin and it will help define your jawline.

Third, make sure you smile! Let your eyes help accent your smile. Breathing slightly between your teeth will help you relax while still allowing your smile to be visible in the shot.

Fourth, relax your shoulders. Make sure you aren’t slouching. Good posture makes you look confident and fierce. Make sure you aren’t straining your neck or leaning at an odd angle.  You want the pose to look natural.

Fifth, once you have your ideal pose, take a moment to check the lighting. You want the light to look natural and not cast a shadow across any part of your face. At the same time, you don’t want harsh light or your photo will look overexposed. The ideal lighting should be soft and show the features of your face without overpowering it.

Finally, if you decide to do something a little more sexy and intimate, don’t be afraid! After all, everyone does it but that doesn’t mean you want just anyone seeing those NSFW pics. Be sure to protect those naughty shots by downloading and installing a private photo app.  There are now many free apps available to choose from.