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Best haircuts
for women 2019

Fashion plays an important role in choosing and changing the image. But you should strictly follow fashion trends, any haircut is selected based on hair structure, face shape, and physical appearance features. These 2019 trends are a range of classic shapes, lightness, natural hair shine and natural hairstyles..

Women Haircut Trends 2019

The stylists have named six female haircuts, which were very popular this year. However, it should be noted that all of them have undergone modernization and transformation and followed the fashion trends of the top experts in this field.

  • Bob – elongated strands in the front, messy styling, bangs of any length.
  • Garcon – smooth hairstyle and artistic chaos is what you need.
  • Pixie – in 2019, fashionable are elongated strands and pixie with bangs.
  • Shag – perfect for thin hair.
  • Pageboy – one of the most actual haircut.
  • Layered – a wonderful look for long hair, options are possible with different bangs.

Short haircuts 2019

Today, many women have an active lifestyle: they organize their business, they do sports, they are always hurrying, so they do not have enough time to care for their long hair and prefer short haircuts. In addition, modern hairstyles for short hair rejuvenate a woman, highlight the beautiful features of the face, arrange quickly. Let’s see what the most modern haircuts look like in 2019:


Let’s start with the popular Pixie haircut, which was renowned in the ’90s. The classic pixie was popular last year, but now it has changed slightly. Now this is elongated pixie haircut.


  • Universal haircut transforms any look;
  • There is an opportunity to highlight facial features by adjusting the face oval, high-brow, inexpressive cheekbones;
  • Can be made on different types of hair, goes well with any makeup, style of clothing, accessories.


This will be worn by ladies who are in constant motion with a slim body. A short haircut will add brightness and charisma, complemented especially by a wonderful makeup and other details of the look that will be more visible with this haircut.

2019 Haircuts for medium length hair

Among the fashionable haircuts in 2019 for medium length hair, the following deserve a special attention:

  • pageboy
  • blunt bob
  • shag


Such a haircut is distinguished by the fact that it can give a woman not only a neat and natural look but also helps to significantly reduce the time for styling. The medium lenght hair gets a beautiful and spectacular volume. To make it charming, you need to wash it and dry it with a hair dryer. But not every master can do it because the technology is complex and requires a great skill and effort.


In this example, the hair should create a straight and clear line. This haircut is perfect for fine hair – it thickens it visibly and gives the hairstyle volume. It is also suitable for medium-density and even curly hair.


Many still do not know this haircut. Stylists are confident that in 2019 this will “explode” on fashion podiums. Shag is a gradual haircut with randomly highlighted threads. Thanks to this, thin and lifeless hair gets a full volume.

Haircuts 2019 for long hair

Long hair is the standard of feminine beauty in all ages. Long hair attracts the attention of others, causing delight (and sometimes envy). Haircuts for long hair should just emphasize its beauty. Among the favorites in 2019, stylists distinguish two long hair haircuts: layered and straight-cut haircuts, as well as all types of bangs (elongated, straight, oblique).



This fashionable haircut is for those who do not want to get out of the long curls for the sake of fashion. It will help you get volume and arrangement in many ways.


A straight haircut is one of the most sought-after hairstyles for long hair in 2019 and this is not surprising because it has several advantages: it makes the hair thicker, adding visual volume along the length and tips look well-groomed and dense. Cutting in a straight line looks elegant and neat.

Bangs 2019

Bangs always give the image freshness and elegance. However, before you do it, consider the face shape.

  • Thinned bangs are ideal for round face shape.
  • Oval face shape will go well with thick, rounded edge bangs.
  • Square or rectangular face – think bangs with thinned edges.

Haircuts for curly hair

All popularity records are taken by bob haircut, which, combined with curly hair, will give a fashionable woman an original look that everyone will surely notice. This combination looks feminine and is suitable not only for business women but also for more romantic people who want to look more special.

Asymmetric haircut 2019

Asymmetry is the choice of those who are tired of dress code, strict business style, rules and limits. Passion for creative and fashionable experiments – that’s why ladies were guided by when they chose this haircut.

The basic criteria of a fashionable haircut in 2019:

  • The hairstyle looks superb even without arranging. Fashion for naturalness and slight mess in the image is still preserved;
  • The hairstyle looks unusual and at the same time beautiful, subtle, elegant, harmonious;
  • In harmony with facial features, the haircut emphasizes the benefits and hides defects;
  • It does not require frequent arranging, the strands look harmonious;
  • Refreshes and rejuvenates the face;
  • The hairstyle must feel comfortable.

Choose the haircut that will emphasize your individuality and style.